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Chem-Dry Dry Fast
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  • 1 Superior Carpet
    Dry your carpets in 1-2 hours not days, with our unique carbonation method. It does not leave any dirt attracting residues behind, giving you fresh and clean feeling
  • 2 Pet Odor Removal
    P.U.R.T s a revolutionary product specially formulated to eliminate odors at the source, instead of masking smells.
  • 3 Natural
    Natural is our main cleaner and is safe for family with kids, pets and people with allergies
  • 4 Green Certified
    At Chem-Dry, we believe in sustainability and have worked toward offering a Green solution to carpet cleaning for the past two decades.
We have the power of crystal clear carbonating more
We have the power of crystal clear carbonating more
We have the power of crystal clear carbonating more
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Carpet Cleaning Services Sydney

Your Carpets Dry In 1-2 Hours Not Days

Finally, a Sydney Carpet Cleaning company that not only thoroughly and professionally cleans your carpets and helps efficiently removes unsightly stains, and your carpets are dry in 1-2 hours not days. Imagine that.  

Only an hour or two after your carpets are cleaned, you can now go about your day as usual. No need to worry about whether you are going to mark or stain them. There’s none of that damp musty smell you get with damp or wet carpet either. You know what I mean, right? 

Who is this company that delivers such a delight to Sydney Carpet Cleaning clients and customers?

Chem-Dry Dryfast is the company you are looking for. Click here for more detailed information.

And Chem-Dry DRYFAST is the Award Winning Franchisee that delivers this world class proven system to your door wherever you are in Sydney. It's the carpet cleaning company and system you will come to love and trust

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Carpet Cleaning Services Sydney