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  • Why Choose Chemdry Dryfast?

    While there are so many reasons why Chem-Dry  Dryfast stands out above the competition, the main reason is health and safety. Our solution and services provide the safest possible cleaning for your family and pets with an extremely fast drying time, less than half of other cleaning companies. Safer solution and faster drying times mean that you never have to worry about chemicals or mould building up with Chem-Dry services which means a healthier home.
    We also have highly trained professional technicians that know what it takes to get those tough stains out of just about everything you can think of. On top of getting rid of problem stains, we can also help to provide prevention methods to make sure that those stains don’t return. Plus, we can remove pet stains, odours, and other issues that go along with being a pet owner. No matter what type of stain or odour you have, Chem-Dry can help.
    So don’t sit there with that stain or odour any longer. Call us to get a free estimate and let Chemdry Dryfast professional provide that safe and healthy home for you and your family.


    For Trusted Carpet Cleaning, Sydney Residents Keep Coming Back To Chem-Dry Dryfast.

    Not only Dryfast by name. Your carpet’s dry fast too. Just imagine this. You have friends or family coming to stay for the weekend or you have a very special anniversary to celebrate and you’ve invited all your closest friends but… horror of all horrors, it’s Thursday evening, your carpets aren’t quite up to standard and you’ve forgotten to get your them professionally cleaned.


    How embarrassed will you feel if you can’t get them cleaned promptly and properly? What will everyone be thinking?

    “Well fear not oh one with carpets that need cleaning and refreshing as soon as possible,” as the genie in the lamp would say. The trusted Carpet Cleaning Sydney company Chem-Dry Dryfast can come to your rescue. Fast.
    We not only deeply and professionally clean your carpets but we do safely and effectively remove grubby stains and unpleasant odours as well.  And just like the name says, your carpets will be dry fast too.


    Carpet Cleaning Nightmare?

    You may had the experience in the past where your carpets have been cleaned and left to dry for a long time.  You have probably noticed that they started to smell. That smell is very common when mould and bacteria begin to grow in the carpet. Yuck. Doesn’t bear thinking about does it?
    Anyway… that can happen when a carpet cleaning process uses gallons of soapy water. Wet carpets, unpleasant smell and unhealthy home environment can be the result of using other inferior carpet cleaning methods. With the drier cleaning system Chem-Dry Dryfast offers, you do not have to worry about that at all. Thankfully, right?
    Remember, you will have the added comfort knowing Dryfast are part of the leading worldwide carpet cleaning franchise Chem-Dry.
    Chem-Dry Dryfast, For Your Sydney & North Shore Carpet Cleaning.
    While Chem-Dry Dryfast is the Award Winning Franchisee that are the leading carpet cleaning North Shore Company. We service all Sydney suburbs as well. You can rely on a professional that arrives when promised so you can reliably plan your day and what’s even more important We will check over everything with you before start. A professional courtesy and a sign that they respect and appreciate your business.


    Why Chose Us:

    • Safe, fast & effictive carpet cleaning.
    • Your carpet will dry in 1-2 hours.
    • Safe and healthy products used that are green certified.
    • Complete satisfaction guarantee.
    • Green & Eco-Friendly
    • Advanced Cleaning Technology
    • Most Stains Eliminated
    • Same Day Service Available
    • Professional Certified Technicians
    • 25+ Years Local Service
    • Chem-Dry is the world’s leading carpet cleaner, also offering cleaning of upholstery, and area rugs.